The Veteran Tour of Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most populated countries in the world. It is home to some of the most breathtaking sights and sounds; which makes it such a beautiful touring country. However, it may be most well-known for its war history. For those of you who treasure this aspect of Vietnam, the perfect tour to take part in is the Veteran tour of Vietnam. This combines the luxurious beauty of the country, while also allowing you to explore the most iconic battle sites. During this trip, which will be outlined in length, daily breakfast, and several lunches and dinners are included. While it is not the only fantastic tour of Vietnam, as there are fascinating Central Vietnam tours, it is one of the best.

Starting Out in Hanoi

This tour of Vietnam is spread out among 13 days. Firstly, you will spend the first two in Hanoi. This is where your hotel will be located and when you arrive there, you will meet Chuck Searcy. Searcy is a veteran of the Vietnam War and is currently the Chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. During this timeframe, which typically lasts around two hours, you will have a chance to hear about Searcy’s experiences in the war; as well as any questions, you may have for the war veteran.

The second day is where the touring truly begins. You will be given a comprehensive tour of Hanoi. This includes, but is not limited to, historic sites relevant to the Vietnam War, the Fine Arts Museum, and the Temple of Literature. Just sit back and enjoy the beauty of Hanoi.

Short Stint in Thanh Hoa

After you experience Hanoi, on the third day you will be transported to Thanh Hoa City by your private driver. Undoubtedly, the main attraction for war enthusiasts to see here is the Ham Rong Bridge. For those unaware, during the Vietnam War, the Viet Cong risked their lives to defend this bridge.

The Great Hue

Early in the morning, you will return to Hanoi to catch your flight to the next destination: Hue. As soon as you arrive, you will be transported to your hotel. The spectacle to behold here is the Imperial Citadel. This walled palace has often been considered a symbol of power and wealth. Your tour guide will go in-depth to talk about the palace’s luxurious history. Being built several centuries ago, you will be able to see how it has withstood the test of time.

Mountainous A Loui

Day five brings forth brand new experiences and beauty. On this day, you will travel to the mountainous district of A Loui. Once there, you will be taken to several iconic battle sites including Bastogne military bases, Ashau Valley, and Hamburger Hill. If you are truly interested in touring Vietnam for its war history, then visiting A Loui is a must.

Dong Ha

After day five, the touring of significant war locations continues in Dong Ha. Here, you will tour war locations such as Tacon airfields, Lang Vay special force camp, Camp Carol, Khe Sanh (which was the former American military base), the Rock pile, and the Dakrong suspension bridge.

Back to Hue

After several days touring famous war locations, you will return to Hue. Before doing so, though, you will be able to explore the Mine Action Visitor Center. After this, you will travel back to Hue. This can be thought of as a recovery day; one in which you enjoy yourself without having any obligations.

Few Days in Hoi An

After your time of rest, you will spend two days in Hoi An. On the first day, you will visit the Marble Mountains, the grounds of former US Consulate, Camp Eagle, and Lang Co beach. All of these locations have historic war importance. However, the true experience comes from the second day at Hoi An. This day, which is a full-day tour, will take you into one of the most grueling locations from the Vietnam War: Quang Ngai. During the war, several hundred people were massacred here.


The last three days of your time spent in Vietnam will come in Saigon. On the first day, you will gain extensive knowledge of the secret maze of tunnels at Cu Chi that were used by the Viet Cong. Then, on the second day, you will get a full tour of the illustrious city (with many locations connected to the Vietnam War). Finally, the last day will see you explore the Mekong Delta (by sampan boat or bicycle).

Back Home

After Saigon, you will have reached the end of your journey. On the 13th and final day, your driver will transport you to the airport so you can return home.

This is one of the many fantastic tours that you can take part of in Vietnam; so why haven’t you booked it yet?