What It Takes To Maintain A Decent Home

What It Takes To Maintain A Decent Home

One wise man said that a family requires a house the same way a tree needs roots. The house is what anchors a family together, and if it is anchored well, then some good things are bound to happen. Houses come in different designs, size and styles. There are those that live in townhouses, penthouses, standalone units and apartments to mention a few. The house can be a rental one, lease or even one that you have purchased. The house needs to be habitable irrespective of the basis on which you occupy. The following are some essential tips to keep it in the perfect shape

Keep your air conditioning in good shape

Most of the areas have seasonal variations, and there instances that temperatures will be above the roof, other times they will be low while at other times they will be moderate. You cannot control the weather variations, but you can have a say on the way they affect the quality of your life while indoors. The best time to repair your air conditioning system is when the temperatures are average. Ensure that you use a qualified technician if the system is not in good shape and for regular inspection as well.

Eliminate hazards in your home

The human body is very delicate, which means that some things might be a health hazard in your house. If you are allergic to pet fur, then it is wise for you to avoid residing under the same roof with your pet. Having flowers and other plants in your house may make the house beautiful. However, it is a health hazard because these plants will compete with you for oxygen during the night, and you may end up having breathing problems. Avoid storing and inhaling chemicals in your home as they may also breed serious complications.

Have modern appliances and facilities

We live in a modern world, and your house deserves a modern touch and look as well. Technology is taking over, and you need some appliances that befit the modern technology. Ensure that you go for those appliances that will serve you for a long time without the need to change. If you have heard about the technologies for the future, then that is what you need in your home. Analyze your needs first because they vary from one person to the other. You can seek the advice of an expert when you go shopping to ensure that you have the best.

Have regular inspection

Just because your house is in good shape when you buy, it does not mean that it will remain the same forever. Some of the appliances you have there are prone to wear and tear, you may see some rough patches on the floor and other areas that need some repairs. You can note some of these things through observation and take the necessary action of either calling a professional or fix them on your own. You can have a specialist come to inspect your home may be semi-annually or annually.

Keep your home clean

Every homeowner desires to have a clean house, but most of them always fall short. It takes lots of efforts to have a clean home, and it is not only the inside that matters but the exterior too. Investing in an excellent curb appeal requires exterior maintenance and cleaning of your roof and gutters, which is best done by experts such as AR Exterior. The idea is to have an experience that gives the right appearance for long. The charges will depend on the nature of your exterior, design and the areas that you want the experts to cover.

Take care of the garbage

How you handle your waste will have a direct impact on how clean your home is. You can have a clean house, but odours from your garbage pits are not desirable. Ensure that you have a plan on how you dispose of both solid and liquid waste from your property.

Making your home a decent place does not have to cost you a fortune if you follow the above tips. It is also important to remember to observe the laws and regulations, especially when you want to do major renovations in your home and dispose of garbage as well.

Healthy Swaps to Keep you Healthy and Beautiful

Staying fit can be challenging, right? Well, it sure is. But, it doesn’t have to be that way – not if you stick to the following tidbits.

Find a Healthier Way to Get Rid Of Hair

Really? Yep! See, you don’t have to visit the salon to shave your hair. You don’t even have to use potentially harmful products to get rid of unwanted strands on your neck, under arms, legs, and back. In other words, you can opt for natural ways to remove hair, a strategy that, by extension, saves your body from the stress caused by toxic chemicals.

The ripple effect, of course, is that you will improve your overall wellbeing without leaving a hole in your purse. On that note visit Girltalk HQ to discover your options regarding hair removal (and no, there’s no shaving on the list).

Swap Whites for Wheats

Some of the healthy swaps that will help you lose weight are simply a matter of purchasing different basics. In essence, this means cutting out all: white bread, white rice, white pasta, all-purpose flour, pizza dough, etc. and replacing it with sprouted wheat bread, brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, and whole wheat pita bread.

Stop Buying Soda – Try Sparkling Water

Removing some other temptations from your household is another method of starting a healthy diet. If you stop buying soda, you won’t be able to drink it anymore! One can, or 12 ounces of Coca-Cola, contains 150 calories. If you’re drinking two cans daily, that is an additional 2,100 calories weekly.

Since you need to cut 3,500 calories to lose one pound of weight, by not drinking soda for 12 days, you can lose one pound. Without making any other changes, you’ll have already achieved your better diet.

Switch From Cake to Chocolate Covered Fruits

Love to satisfy your sweet tooth after a meal? Try avoiding processed snacks or cake. When you’re searching for that sweet treat after dinner, or get the munchies around 3 PM, reach for a piece of fresh fruit instead of candy, chips, or packaged/processed foods. Your waistline will thank you!

You may also want to try small portions of a sweet but healthy snack to replace your dessert if you need a small step along the way to cutting out dessert. Try a chocolate covered strawberry or one with pomegranate seeds to ease your transition. It’ll be easier to make small steps to eating healthy than to cut out your favorite indulgences all at once completely.

Calorie Cutting Myths

Some of the most shared dieting knowledge can harm your quest for a better diet. While you’re making your healthy swaps, try not to fall prey to these traps.

Eat Salads Instead of Sandwiches!

Whenever people think of dieting or make healthier choices, one of their default healthy swaps is to eating salads. They’re green and dull, so they must be healthy, right? Not always. If you’re thinking that eating a bunch of lettuce will be one of the easy ways to be healthy, think again.

The lettuce in a salad typically has very little nutrition to offer. You should instead be focusing on what’s in your salad. If the mixture you have for lunch has nuts, a cheese, a creamy dressing, and another form of protein, it may contain as many calories as your favorite piece of pizza.

Eat Five Small Meals, One Big Meal, or Nothing After 10 PM…

Calories and other macronutrients don’t know or care what time of day you consume them. Whether you’re consuming everything you’ll eat for the day at once or grazing from 8 AM to 11 PM doesn’t make a difference. What matters to your body is how much food you are consuming.

While eating multiple small meals may help you better control your appetite, not every change for weight loss is universal. Experiment with your meal times to discover what works for you and stick with it!

The Bottom Line – Focus on What Works for You

A lot of conventional wisdom about healthier eating only works for some people. Making changes to your diet is not the matter of an afternoon’s work. You need to work to find the healthy swaps that work you personally.


If you can’t cut your soda habit, but love trying out whole grains and fruits and veggies, start there. It will be much easier for you to make some small changes toward a better diet over a few months than trying to cut out everything ‘bad’ in one day.

This all or nothing approach to weight loss and dieting contributes to the yo-yo effect of regaining any weight loss. Make one healthy swap and stick to it for two weeks. If you don’t miss whatever you cut out, try making one more swap. Before you know it, you’ll be happier and healthier. And you won’t even miss eating dessert!


How To Take Care Of The Most Important Rooms In Your House

How To Take Care Of The Most Important Rooms In Your House

If you ask many people one of the most valuable investments that they consider making, then owning a home will always be on top. It is not because it is a fancy thing to do, but it is because a good property appreciates in value and also comes with a sense of pride.

Different people take varying approaches when they want to own a home. The two most famous ones include savings, and the other one is through borrowing from financial institutions or friends. In some cases, the property can be an inheritance or a donation from loved ones. However, owning a home comes with lots of responsibilities and does not indicate that your financial woes are over. The following are some cool approaches to take care of the various rooms in your house

Living room

This area is where your guest will spend most of their time when they come calling. It is the room that presents your true picture, and people can judge what to expect from the other areas without even visiting them. It is where you keep most of your electronics such as the TV and your music system. It is also the area that you spend time together with your family. Ensure that your furniture blends well with the fixtures and fittings in this room. Take care of the floor and ensure that the carpet is always clean if you have one. The paintings on the walls should also blend well with the rest of the house.

The kitchen

It is one of the busiest areas in any home as most of the cooking action takes place here. You do not have to design a big kitchen for you to prepare decent meals. What matters is the appliances and how you utilize the kitchen. The first rule is to keep the kitchen always clean. Simple negligence such as water spills on the floor can cause fatal accidents in this room. Invest in modern appliances that make cooking easy and also efficient. Have an expert come occasionally and inspect your kitchen to ensure that it is in its optimal state.

The bedroom

This room is where you spend most of your time if you have a full-time job and you work away from home. You most likely spend between 6-8 hours every day in this room which is a big deal. Transforming your bedroom into a sleep haven might not be a walk in the park. Comfort is of the essence if you want to have a peaceful sleep. Mattress toppers are good for your back if you are looking for something that doubles up as a comforter and also increases the durability of your mattress. Keep this room clean through dusting and also cleaning the beddings regularly.

Home office/ study room

Modern companies are always looking for ways to cut overhead costs, and some are working with their employees virtually. You may also find yourself carrying work home, and you thus need a conducive environment. You need to invest in the right furniture if you want to make this happen. Keep your home office tidy and organized if you want to maximize productivity. You can even have diaries on your desk to keep you on track and ensure that you work on the most important tasks first. You can even have an expert design the workstation for you to create an office feeling at home.

The bathrooms

The number of bathrooms that you need in your home will depend on the size of your family and the size of your house. A bathroom is one of the most important areas in every home, but unfortunately, it is the most neglected by people. This area requires a different approach when it comes to cleaning when compared to the others in a property. The floor of this room is somehow rougher when compared to the others. Ensure that you regularly inspect the bathroom as most of the drainage pipes originate from here. Have an expert come and fix if you note any leakages from your bathroom as they may lead to unforeseen damages.

Storage room

If you have stuff that you no longer use or use occasionally, then it is most likely that they have found their way here. You may be like most people who do not see the need to keep this room in good shape. However, neglecting this room make your goods less durable. Take for instance, when there is a water spill in the room, and you keep metallic objects and some of your furniture here. There is a high likelihood of water damage to your stuff.

Neglecting any of the above rooms may sabotage your efforts on the other areas. Maintaining your home should not be selective but ensure that you do it as a whole. It is good to prepare a schedule because you cannot achieve all this within a day.

Perfume Buying Online Guide – Get the Best Deals

Perfume Buying Online Guide - Get the Best Deals

Who doesn’t want to save a buck or two on their favorite fragrances? Free shipping sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Well, you can make substantial savings on perfume if you know where to shop. Better yet, if you know where to get cheap perfume online, you can always compare price and decide which deal works best for your wallet.

Your quest for the best fragrance deals online isn’t always easy, more so if you don’t know where to start. To make it smooth sailing all the way, here is a rundown of some of the best discount perfume online retailers. Plus, there are a few suggestions to spruce things up, how about that!

Your Scent is Your Signature

One of the most important things to make before you buy any perfume is to read independent reviews. Why is this essential? Well, for starters, all fragrances aren’t the same. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to find out more about a specific brand before spending your cash on it.

Plus, you want to know the occasion to match the fragrance that you plan to purchase – and that’s where Your Scent is Your Signature comes in. A super thoughtful site, it seeks to provide helpful info on various perfumes and what makes them stand out when pitted against the competition.

Even more impressive, it tells you where to get them at a price that won’t leave a hole in your wallet. Visit Your Scent is Your Signature to view an assortment of the most sought after perfume on the market. Be sure to read the reviews to enable you to get more insight on why you should spend your cash on the fragrances.


Sephora happens to be one of the most popular online outlets for cheap perfume. The one thing that separates it apart from the competition is the fact that it sells a blend of well-curated fragrance brands.

If you want to save on a designer perfume, Sephora is likely to have the most enticing deal. Take the Sauvage fragrance for men by Christian Dior, for instance. At Sephora, a 60ml bottle goes for $74 with free shipping in comparison to $93.99 at Walmart.

If you’re a frequent shopper, you can join Sephora’s Beauty Insider, a rewards program that allows you to make savings on your purchase. Beauty Insider benefits include annual savings, free birthday gifts, free custom makeover, a private hotline and invitations to exclusive events. You also get two days shipping on all orders and free beauty classes.


If you feel that Sephora exclusive selection of brands limits your ability to save, Nordstrom is an excellent alternative. The extensive collection of perfumes and fragrances make it stand out. But that’s just a top of an iceberg.

You can take advantage of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale to make huge savings on your perfume. The sale takes place every year from July to August so you may want to keep checking their official website for the specific dates.

One of the best ways to save is to use a Nordstrom to make purchases and accumulate points. For every 2,000 points you earn, you get a $20 Nordstrom Note. Every dollar makes you a single point. Thus, if you use the card to buy a 3.4oz Valentino Donna Fragrance, you get 133 points and a gift too!


Don’t worry if you can’t afford the lofty price of designer perfumes. Can’t get the Nordstrom Card? Are the prices at Sephora way above what you can afford? Not to worry, StrawberryNET has got you sorted! First off, StrawberryNET has a vast collection of some the most sought after brands worldwide.

Here, the discounts are mind-boggling. A two ounce bottle of Body Coffret by Burberry goes for $59. At first, this doesn’t seem like a mouth-watering deal until you notice that the recommended retail price is $125! Now, that’s a whopping 53% discount. Did we mention that shipping is free anywhere in the world? Well, now you know.

Be on the lookout for daily specials as well to save as much as 60% on your favorite perfume. StrawberryNET is undoubtedly the place to be if you’re on a tight budget.

The Bottom Line

You have to be a smart shopper, especially when buying perfumes. See, we are living in a world of counterfeits, and you’re never sure of what you will get more so if you’re purchasing online. On top of that, you can end up spending lots of cash on a fragrance that’s not worth it.

Conduct some research and go through independent reviews to give you an idea if you’re getting value for your cash. And once you have found a perfume that works for you, stick it – because that is how you leave everyone around you whether at work or commuter train speechless!

The Latest Developments in Virtual Reality

The Latest Developments in Virtual Reality

Are you curious about how virtual reality is evolving these days? I sure am so I did some research for you and filled this article full of the latest developments and facts.

The Most Downloaded Game

This title goes to the game, Rick & Morty, a game developed for the PlayStation 4 so that’s one reason why it was so popular last year. Another reason is the multitude of options you have in the game, you have to solve puzzles, enter new dimensions through portals, fight aliens once arrived there, all while Rick just keeps on yelling at you for all the mistakes you make.

Other features include that it’s fully voiced so I hope you have a good grasp of English, and it allows you to smash all kind of odd items. Heck, they even teach you how to repair a space car and your self-worth gets questioned on a regular base. In other words all the ingredients for one hell interesting game.

A New Display in The Works

Japan Display Inc. or in short JDI has developed a new 1001 PPI display for virtual headsets, although this has been in the making since early 2018 they’ve promised that the first displays can be shipped in the first quarter of 2019. Well, we just reached this first quarter and unfortunately, it isn’t available yet but this won’t take long.

Once it gets shipped and implemented in the latest headsets it will definitely take VR to the next level so sit tight as soon you will be able to experience virtual reality as you’ve never seen before.

Virtual World Isn’t Sitting Still

The game Second Life, now has millions of users, although the game initially launched all the way back in 2003 they’ve just released a new version only four months from the time of writing this article which would be suitable to play on VR devices but apparently it isn’t all that easy as the complaints have been adding up.

An alternative to Second Life would be Sinespace who definitely mastered the art of virtual reality. The only problem is that it lacks the popularity that Second Life had back in the days so right now it feels a bit like a ghost town. One of the main issues is of course that the VR devices are still rather expensive. The model from HTC Vive still costs over a thousand dollars and that’s not what most people are prepared to pay for it so that’s a bit of a shame.

There’s a New Player in Town

Veer has launched a global network for the virtual and immersive reality fans where you can create and share your VR/360 degree photos and videos and walk through it like you’re there. In case you have no idea what they mean with immersive reality. It’s being physically present in a non-physical world. Boosted by images and sounds it makes you feel like you’re truly there.

I don’t really see what’s so different about that compared to regular virtual reality because isn’t that the whole idea of virtual reality on itself. I suppose they had to invent some new term due to the lack of interest so immersive virtual reality is most likely the answer to that. Let’s see who gets fooled into thinking this is the new hype while it’s actually pretty much of the same. Perhaps they have a better way of explaining it over at Real New World as their whole site is dedicated to virtual reality so if you truly want to stay up to date I suggest you pay them a visit.

Standalone is in – Connected to a PC is Out

When the HTC Vibe launched first there were a lot of mixed opinions from users, the need for a strong enough PC or laptop was definitely one of them and the complications when simply trying to play a game and running into all kind of bugs was another one. No wonder it didn’t really catch on while it was all so fragile.

Stand Alone units aim to solve that problem and as we’ve reached 2019 there are already multiple different brands/models to choose from, namely the Vive Focus, Oculus Go, Oculus Santa Cruz, and last but not least the Lenovo Mirage Solo. For a full review of the Lenovo I suggest you check this post, but be warned, it isn’t all that positive so it appears this plague is still interfering with the mass adoption of virtual reality systems. One of the first things they said in that review is that it feels more like a development kit instead of a finalized product.

Summing It All Up

As you can see, we still have a long way to go and one of the most important factors is that the baby sicknesses need to be solved and the price needs to drop drastically before everyone gets engaged in virtual reality. The technique is awesome but when it’s riddled with bugs it’s easy to give up on your crazy expensive purchase so my advice is to wait.


How to Find Work as a Graphic Designer

How to Find Work as a Graphic Designer

If you are a great designer you probably won’t have much trouble finding a regular job. Simply apply at specific job agencies for this type of work, or go to Monsterboard.com and you won’t have a hard time finding something that suits you.

However, working for a fixed salary is nice but it also limits you in your capabilities to earn more money. Waiting for a yearly raise isn’t going to fast track you to success so in this post we’re going to look at some other opportunities, especially if you’re just starting out I have some great ideas for you.

1 Starting at the bottom – Fiverr

If you’ve never designed anything in your life, or only as a hobby, then Fiverr is a good place to get started, the payout is very low of course, starting at only $5 for a logo or banner, but as soon as you get upgraded to level one you can set your own prices for more advanced work and can make some nice earnings from that.

If you’re lucky you go viral on Fiverr and before you know it you get overloaded with work, have the ability to increase your prices even more, or simply use it as social proof for the next platform that we’re going to discuss. There are a lot of alternatives to Fiverr as well btw, think SEOClerks, GigBucks, Micro Workers, and DesignBucks.

2 The next platform should be – Upwork

Upwork is probably the most professional ones of all freelance platforms and because of that, it attracts better-paying clients for higher ticket items. So once you’ve gained experience at Fiverr this is your next place to be. You could also pick a site like Freelancer.com, Guru, or PeoplePerHour but they haven’t been in business as long as Upwork so you’ll find lesser paying clients there.

Upwork offers the most intuitive interface and has a large scale of options to get paid and find leads, if you already gained enough experience I’d say hop over to Upwork right away and get started today. With all the work that might end up in your hands you do want to make sure you remain healthy so for that I suggest you visit Pixel Bin as they just published a great guide solely focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

3 For the real professionals, there is – LinkedIn

This is pretty much the top of the range when it comes to finding freelance design work online, that is if you don’t have your own website that attracts enough traffic as that always beats the crown of course. It’s easy to make connections on LinkedIn with other web designers, SEO’s, affiliate marketers, and lots more.

Before you know it you have a few thousand connections and as long as you keep posting your best work on a regular base, say once a week, people will definitely spot you and hire you. Now you’re not dealing with amateurs anymore but real companies with real budgets and provide yourself with a real income!


5 Inexpensive Fundraiser Ideas

5 Inexpensive Fundraiser Ideas

It’s fundraiser season. All across the country, parents are sitting in circles trying to come up with inexpensive fundraiser ideas that will actually work. Because fundraisers are all about earning money, it’s important not to spend a fortune putting them on, but sometimes it feels like it costs a small fortune to put on a fundraiser people will actually attend. If you’re tired of the usual bake sales and car washes, check out this list of 5 inexpensive fundraiser ideas that are sure to be a hit in your community.

Talent Show

If there’s one thing people will show up for, it’s seeing their kids in a performance. Talent shows are great because once you get your talent lined up, your advertising is practically done for you: the stars of your show are sure to invite friends and relatives to see them on stage. Talent shows are also great because all you need to host them is a location and a microphone. You don’t even need to rent chairs as long as you advertise it as a picnic talent show! Check out Microphone Geeks to look at microphone reviews and pick out an inexpensive microphone for your local talent show: It’s the only expense you’ll have.


Knitting is a bit of a lost art, which is what makes a knit-a-thon such a cool idea. Set a time that you’ll be doing the knit-a-thon during—usually 24 hours. Anyone who knows how to knit and wants to participate can ask for straight donations or for pledges per skein of yarn from people in their local community. Then they can come and knit, knit, knit! All you need for this fundraiser is somewhere for people to gather while they do their knitting and some skeins of yarn. Buy skeins of yarn in bulk to get a better price for them. You can even have people dedicate their creations to a local charity, which makes the knit-a-thon idea a great double-duty event.

Garage Sale

One man’s trash becomes another’s treasure with a fundraising garage sale, which has the added benefit of allowing people to declutter their homes. All you need is a location with some tables for this fundraiser. People can bring items and donate them to the yard sale, and others can come and peruse the tables and make their best offers on items. At the end of the day, anything you have left can be donated to charity or brought to the dump, which makes for an easy clean-up as well.

Pie Auction

Bake some pies, then host an auction to sell them each to the highest bidder. If you live in a community that wants to offer support, this can be a great way to allow them to do so and to go home with something at the end of the day without having to spend a lot of time or money preparing for the event.

Silent Auction

Talk to local businesses to see if any would be willing to donate items, gift certificates, or coupons to a silent auction for a fundraiser. People can come and bid on the donated items, with all proceeds going to your event. Often, businesses are willing to donate to events like this because they get brand recognition within the community, which is good for their business as well as good for you: A true win-win.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a chore, and you don’t have to settle for the same tired ideas year after year after year. Feel free to get a little creative and put together a fundraiser that will make money while not throwing your budget into the red.

Best Instagram Growth Companies in 2018

Best Instagram Growth Services

Building up a social media profile with a decent following is no easy task. It requires a lot of time, time that you could spend on other things like figuring out what to post, doing research at what time to post and analyzing your competitors.

Following people, unfollowing them again, commenting, liking, it gets boring fast and if you have to do this all manually you’ll be stuck behind your screen all day long without much time to do what you like.

Thankfully there are a number of growth services to help you expand your reach on Instagram. The top IG growth company is being reviewed in-depth by Jonathon Spire so let’s have a look at that particular service and a few others as well to balance it out.

On top of their list we find:

Social Steeze

According to Jonathon, they are an organic growth service that understands better than others that simply buying followers doesn’t provide for a long-term solution. He tried this service himself and the end result was that he got most followers per dollar spend so it makes sense that they are recommended above others.

Pricing: starts at $39/month

Like Social

If you already have a lot of followers but the engagement is lacking it’s perhaps time for a different type of service. Not one that gains you followers, but one that gains you likes. It simply doesn’t look natural if you have thousands of followers but each of your posts has only one like or no likes at all so that’s what LikeSocial provides.

Pricing: starts at $10/50 likes


We covered followers, and we’ve found a reliable provider of likes. Now it’s time to get some comments going as that’s the only missing puzzle piece that we haven’t covered yet. Obviously, you want these comments to look natural and Social10x hasn’t disappointed us on that front. Comments don’t come very cheap but you want comments that appear real so that explains their pricing model a little.

Pricing: starts at $31/10 comments

I think we’ve covered it all here, for a natural profile you only need two things, followers and engagement and by combining these three services you do exactly that. This way you stay under the radar and other influencers won’t even think about reporting you because it all looks legit.

The Next Step

You can keep on doing the same but at some point, you want to stop paying for engagement, your followers should engage automatically because they like what you post. Simple as that.

The easiest way to grow your account further is by connecting with other peoples. Now it’s time to get up from your lazy chair and start doing some outreach.

It’s important not to over-do this, just start gentle and give one of their posts a like, or follow them and see if they follow you back. Keep track of everything in a spreadsheet and start some innocent conversations in the comment fields on one of their posts. In other words, try to get to know them a little.

Only then you reach out and propose a deal that would benefit the both of you!

Signs that Show That Your Instagram Account is Stagnant

Marketing on Instagram can be a joy if you know what you are doing, but if you aren’t so sure about the things that you are doing, you might end up with an Instagram account that is stagnant – neither here nor there.

There are a lot of things you can do to make Instagram work for you, and at the same time, there are a lot of mistakes that end up making your account dead. However, many users and brands fail to realize that their account is stagnant until it is too late when it can’t be remedied at all.

Here are signs that your account is becoming stagnant.

No New Likes

If you aren’t getting or you are getting minimum new likes on your posts, then you are looking at a dead account. A vibrant account attracts likes each passing day, but when you realize you are really struggling to add a few likes to your posts, and then your account is on its way to Instagram Account graveyard.

When you have an account that has seen its glory, the secret is to breathe some life into it using various methods. One of the ways to make your posts alive is to come up with a new content strategy that will give your posts the appeal it deserves.

Mass Unfollowing

A vibrant account attracts more followers than the ones who are unfollowing it. If you realize that you are losing followers each day, then your content isn’t appealing at all. Instead, the audience is finding it hard to relate to your content, and this is why they don’t need to follow what you post since it isn’t appealing at all.

And remember that if a person realizes that his or her friend has unfollowed your account, they also do the same. It takes more than just a few new posts to return the followers; you need to make sure you use a strategy to add many more to cover for the deficit.

Medium recommends that one of the ways to add new followers and attract the attention of other potential followers is to use a bot. The right Instagram bot helps boost engagement levels and make you look credible in the eyes of potential followers. Take time to understand what the bot does before you pick the right one.

Low Engagement Levels

If you realize that fewer people are engaging with your posts when you put them up, then it is high time you started finding a way to make them talk. It might be because you aren’t inciting them to talk the way they should do it in the first place. What you need in this instance is to try out a few new content ideas so that you can at least have them talking about your content.

Low engagement levels make your Instagram account unattractive to anyone that seeks to engage you on the platform. This is the reason why it is vital that you make sure the levels are high enough to show your potential followers that you are worth following.

Some of the issue with low engagement levels is that the comments also become generic. Even if you post something of high value, the followers respond using generic comments to show that they aren’t interested, and might be on your follower list just for the sake.

In Closing

Take time to understand the progress of your Instagram account so that you enjoy the benefits of having a great following. With the right strategy, you can turn your Instagram account around, and make it easy to achieve your goals the right way.

How to Build the Perfect Instagram Community

Instagram – with over a billion active monthly users, it is one of the most well-loved social media platforms. Having a massive Instagram following can translate into more sales for your business, more traffic to your blog and a stronger community for the brand.

You have seen people with thousands of followers while others have just a measly few. Today we look at a few actionable tips to help you grow your following the right way.

Like Content in Your Niche

If you are looking for followers, it is good to go to a certain niche. This is because when you have followers from this niche, you end up with a higher level of engagement. If you need to get these followers, then spend some hours liking content that people in the niche have posted.  Go through someone’s account and like 5-10 photos. It can help to leave a genuine comment and go ahead to follow them.

Doing this helps you to get known and put your name out there and allow other followers to discover you. Make sure you do this to followers in the niche. However, be careful not to be spammy.

The truth is that you don’t have the time to sit for hours on end liking and commenting on the content, which is why it is vital that you use a bot to do this for you. SWSMag helps you get the best Instagram growth service for this task; make sure to check it out.

Have a Cool Theme

If you follow the first tip, you will get noticed, and many users will get to check out your account and what it is all about. Once they check out your bio and the content you post, you need to make them fall in love with you. One of the things that make this possible is having a cool theme for your content.

Have a few phrases or words that people can associate with your account. For instance, you can use words that make you look humorous and cheerful, or artistic. Choose the right theme and then stick to it for every type of content that you post.


It isn’t called social media for no reason at all. When you post content, you will end up with questions, comments, and opinions from other users.  Rather than leaving something automated such as “great observation,” you need to try and read the comments left behind by other users and answer them genuinely. Additionally, encourage the users by asking genuine questions that encourage them to post more.

Have the Right Hashtag

With the right hashtag, you can get discovered. Using the perfect hashtag is a great way to build your community and get new content for the account. First, come up with a unique hashtag that isn’t already in use and ask your followers to use it. The hashtag will work well if you give it a specific purpose.

Once users start using the hashtag, make sure you repost the images they tag the hashtag on. This will help you build a community because you show your followers that you appreciate the content they post. It also gives you content to associate with your account.

The hashtag should be niche-specific and relevant to your engagement. Don’t go for something general that doesn’t have any meaning.

The Bottom-line

You need to grow your account so that you benefit from the visibility that comes with it. Take time to understand what your niche is all about and come up with strategies that relate to it so that you can gain more followers the right way.